The Construction Industry Council is managed by a CEO and an executive committee.


Gordon Jenkins – President            Jon Orton – Vice President

Chandar Bala – Treasurer                Vijay Naidu – CEO

Stephen Hallacy – Secretary            George Rubine – Member

Shane Harris – Member

During the year (June), CIC held a very successful conference at the Warwick where 370 delegates asked CIC to look into 9 areas of concern. Since the conference, nine task groups have been organized to address resolution issues emanating from the Conference.


We have a Vision – To sustain a strong and healthy construction industry into the future.

To achieve this vision we will:

  • Strengthen the construction industry by strengthening CIC associations
  • Build a strong workforce through focused education and training.
  • Grow our contribution through our associations to the annual GDP growth of the nation.
  • Regulate the industry through a licensing process.
  • Address the major concerns in the industry through effective dialogue and action and resolve the long standing criticism.
  • Design and implement programs that address impediments to the growth of the industry.
  • To be the voice of the construction industry representing all CIC associations.
  • Most important, we wish to establish a strong working relationship with Government for the construction industry.
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